Thursday, May 6, 2010

Michaels Trip for Mother's Day

My two sidekicks and I went to Michaels today to find something to make for my mom and mother in law for Mother's Day. We found a hand print plaque kit so hopefully i don't screw it up (it comes with ten plaques so I would really have to be a moron to mess up that many times- but we'll see).

Hand Print Keepsake Party Pack $24.99 - $10.00 store coupon for 40% off reg. price item
2 rolls of ribbon @ 1.99 each ($3.99 regular price, 50% off sale)
Cars Jump Rope $1.00 (it was either this for my son or ugly fake flowers)

Total: $21.22

My son picked out the ribbon and I think it is ugly and cheesy but this is his and my daughters gifts to their grandmothers so I bought it.

I also received a coupon for 40% a regular price item which is great because I need to buy a Spiderman cake pan for my son's 3rd birthday soon.

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