Friday, May 7, 2010

Christmas Tree Shop- Mother's Day Gifts

I love the Christmas Tree Shops because they have so much random cheap stuff. I did well today because usually I leave with way more stuff than I meant to buy.

2 Square Baskets @ $1.99 each
Jute Twine $1.00
2 Cellas Chocolate Covered Cherries @ $1.50 each (my husband LOVES these)
2 4x6 Wood Frames @ $2.99 each
Ground Flax Seed $2.99
White Tissue Paper $1.00
Giant Dinosaur Coloring/Sticker Book $3.99 (my son will get it when he decides to poop on the potty)

Total: $22.94

Most of the stuff I bought is for making gift baskets for my mom and mother in law. The flax seed was a total impulse buy- my son is a picky eater so I figure I can sneak some extra nutrition into his food.

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