Saturday, May 1, 2010

Meal Plan

Here is what we are planning on eating for the week:

Sunday: Steak Tips with Cole Slaw, Beets and Corn
Monday: Baked Haddock with Homemade French Fries and Green Beans
Tuesday: Pork Roast with Baked Potatoes and Broccoli
Wednesday: Crock Pot American Chop Suey with Green Beans
Thursday: Salad Dressing Chicken with Pasta Salad and Corn
Friday: Take Out
Saturday: Free for all (my husband and kids pick me up from work at 6 so the kids eat earlier and my husband and I eat pasta or whatever else is quick and easy)

No set plan; peanut butter on crackers, peanut butter and all fruit jelly, grilled cheese, mustard and cheese sandwich, dino nuggets, turkey hot dog, pasta

Side Dishes
Raisins, craisins, applesauce, apple, avocado (haha, I am going to give it to my son- maybe he'll like it?), banana, blueberries, yogurt

No set plan; pancakes, wheat muffin, cereal, yogurt, waffle, scrambled eggs, hard boiled egg, toast, orange slices

I try to add in fruits and vegetables but my son does not really like to eat these things- I am told he will grow out of it but somehow I don't believe it. As far as I am concerned as long as I am offering things to him I am doing my job. With his dinner I usually add something that I know he'll like along with the normal meal but sometimes he decides he doesn't like what he likes.

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