Sunday, May 2, 2010

I Hate Walmart- Yes i Do

I went to Walmart tonight because I wanted to buy a 24 pack of soda for $5 but when I got there they didn't have Sprite or Sierra Mist. A little annoying but it happens. The store was an absolute mess and the people shopping there were more of a mess. This store was remodeled about 6 months ago and is already a giant crap hole. I will never be enticed by their low prices again; I would rather pay double for things elsewhere then buy them there. Call me a snob but WTF is wrong with that store and the people who shop there?

Anyways- I am done with my rant. I didn't want to leave empty handed after the hassle of going there so here is what I bought.
Honey Buns $2.50 (to help with my husband's disappointment about not buying soda)
Erewhon Puffed Rice Cereal $3.93 (for my 10 month old)
3 Del Monte Beets @ .72 each (one of the few veggies my husband and son will eat)
Total: $8.59

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