Monday, May 3, 2010

Make Ahead Fries

I like to make my own french fries because I think they are healthier than the frozen ones (I'm actually just cheap and would rather spend my grocery money on potato chips for me to pig out on after the kids have gone to bed).

I rarely made them before because dinner time is sometimes (always) a little hectic so cutting up potatoes into fries was something I didn't have time for (hello baked potatoes with every meal).

What I do now is cut up the potatoes into fries earlier in the day when the kids are taking their afternoon naps and put them in a bowl of water with some added vinegar. I pop the bowl into the fridge and when I'm ready to cook the fries I dry them off on paper towels, lightly coat in oil (I tried olive oil but i think they taste a little funny so i use good old unhealthy but yummy vegetable oil) and cook until crisp.

They don't look pretty (nothing that I cook does) but they taste good and are way cheap.

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