Saturday, May 29, 2010

Just Call Me Dumb Ass- Nursing Edition

Last night I pumped so that my daughter would have milk for when I was at work today. I got about 6 ounces so I was happy because I wouldn't have to pump in the morning.

This morning after nursing my daughter I fell asleep on the couch because I didn't have to take a shower until 6:30. At 6:30 my husband asked me if the milk on the counter was the stuff I pumped the night before. WHAT! I left the milk on the counter all night so down the drain it went.

All I can say is- are you fricken kidding me! I can't believe I did that. I had to pump this morning and didn't get to take a shower before work. My husband didn't think it was a big deal. My response was when he starts lactating and having to attach a milking machine to his breasts to nourish a baby he can tell me that it's no big deal. Any mom out there who has ever pumped knows what I am talking about.

I am just glad that I can start weaning my daughter soon because she turns one in less than a month. My body will be mine again- at least until we decide to have another baby. I will miss nursing her because it is nice snuggling with her but even now she is at the age where she eats and runs- I am the equivalent of a drive through fast food restaurant to her.

I know some people think that it's mean to wean a child- they think you should let them wean themselves but that is not for me. I put in my time nursing her and a year seems to me to be enough for her to gain all of the benefits of breastfeeding. No matter what any of us do when it comes to bottle feeding or breastfeeding there is always going to be someone who thinks that is not enough- and to them I say get a life. My boobs my choice.

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