Thursday, May 27, 2010


I didn't take a picture because I realized that my camera is in the computer armoir and right now the kitchen table is blocking it (we are painting the rooms that we had the floors redone in so the furniture will not be going back for awhile). I could move the table with a little effort but I don't really feel like it right now- maybe later.

Dress in size 2T $2.48 (reg. $9.99)
Fiber One Wheat Bread $2.50
2 Kraft Marshmallows @ .99 each
2 Nivea for Men Bonus Packs @ $3.84 each - (2) $3.00 mc (reg. $5.49 each)
2 Heavy Wooden 4x6 Frames @ $2.48 each (reg. $9.99)
Heavy Duty Canvas/Faux Leather Storage Cube $4.48 (reg. $17.99)
6 inch Pillar Candle $1.74 (reg. $6.99)
2 Hot Wheels Cars @ .79 each
Box of Gumballs $1.00
$25 Gift Card

Total: $43.30 after paying with a $5.00 gift card I received last week from buying Kashi products.

I love when I find cool stuff on clearance. There was a really neat wood/metal globe the was $15 marked down from $60 and I was going the buy it because I have impulse control problems when it come to Target Clearance end caps but my 3 year old son said that he didn't want it. I thought it would have looked cute in his room but thinking about it now it would have looked really dumb. It's pretty bad when a 3 year old has to talk you out of buying something...

The Hot Wheels were purchased because when we were at Lowes looking at paint colors he left his cars in the carriage. I usually check to make sure nothing was left behind but I failed to do that today. I tried to convince him that two other cars that we had in the car were the ones he left behind but he's too smart for that.

The gumball and gift card are for my little brother's birthday- he's turning 12 today. I told my son he could pick him out something from the Dollar Spot and he chose the gumballs. I think that he thinks he is going to be able to have one- but the jokes on him.

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