Saturday, May 29, 2010

Outlet Shopping

On Friday I went to the Wrentham Outlets with my kids because I needed to get some shorts that fit me and I wanted to use a couple of coupons that I had for Banana Republic and Gap. I didn't go too crazy because I had the kids with me and it's hard to browse with two little ones in tow.

Baby Gap Outlet

(entire store was 30% off)

Spiderman T-Shirt $3.97 (reg. $14.99) (son)

Gray Sweatpants (not pictured) $2.11 (reg. $7.99) (son)

Total: $6.08 after using a $10 coupon I received for having a Gap Credit Card

Children's Place Outlet

Plaid Button Up Shirt $3.99 (son)

Holey Jeans $3.99 (son)

2 Pairs Bermuda Denim Shorts @ $3.99 each (daughter)

Roll Up Khaki Pants $3.99 (daughter)

Flare Jeans $5.00 (daughter)

Total: $24.95- I printed the coupon for 15% off but I left it in my printer. If I had not been a scatterbrain I could have saved $3.75 but if I had it I would have probably bought way more stuff so maybe it's a good thing I left it at home.

Banana Republic Outlet

Cropped Jeans $23.58 (reg. $49.99) (me)

Sweater $13.20 (reg. $27.99) (me)

Total: $36.78 after using $10 Gap Card coupon

Aeropostale Outlet

Bermuda Shorts $15.00 (me)

Total: $15.00

I think I did pretty good considering it is pretty hard to find my size in pants anywhere (I am 5 feet tall and a size 00) so when I find something that fits I am willing to pay a bit more for it. My son loves Spiderman and I just had to get him the shirt because it was so cute and I got the holey jeans because they were cheap- cheap is good. My daughter needed some denim shorts and the pants were such a great price that I couldn't pass them up.

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