Sunday, May 9, 2010

Budget Meltdown

Our netbook is having major issues- from what my husband says the hard drive is fried. I don't know much about how computers work but that sounds really bad. He is trying to fix it somehow but it doesn't seem good. We also have a desktop computer but I am lazy and like to sit my butt on the couch when I am checking my email and surfing for deals.

I am upset- not so much because yet another laptop will be hitting the dust (we have had about 4 laptops in the past five years) but because my budget was on it. My over a years worth of monthly budgets. My weekly cash flow estimate. My tally of how much I have left in my grocery, household and diaper budgets. All of my hard work of tracking every penny that we have spent.

I should have backed up my files but I was lazy so now I have to start over. How I am going to do this I'm not sure. I think I had about $40 in my grocery budget, $10 in my household budget and $15 in my diaper budget. I feel very unmotivated to set up a new spreadsheet right now so I'll just sit here and think about how much this sucks.

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