Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Shopping Extravaganza- Day 1

We got out of the house early today so we swung by Stop and Shop, Shaws and CVS. Here's how things went:


egg coloring kit .49
Peeps .38
Pre-wrapped Easter basket with kickball 3.75 (impulse buy for son-good price for a kickball though!)
Duracell batteries 5.99
2 Charmin 19.98 (really needed toilet paper!)
Coupons: 8.49 ECB
Total: $23.29 I paid with $10.05 in gift card I earned from Lightspeed Panel surveys so my out of pocket was $13.24 and I received $10 in ECB.


Blackberries 1.49
3.66 pounds Boneless Chicken Breast 7.28
2 Diamond Kosher Salt .99 each- (2).30 coupons (doubled)
2 Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Cracker 1.49 each- (2) .75 coupons (doubled with overage)
2 Carolina Rice Mixes .69 each- .75/2 coupon (doubled with overage)
Hood Milk 3.79- 3.79 (coupon from buying Kelloggs Cereal last week)
2 Hood Sour Cream 1.29 each- (2) .50 coupons (doubled)
Lunchable 2.49
4 Lifesaver Strings and Things Gummies .89 each- (4) .50 coupons (doubled with overage)
Total: $12.03

Stop and Shop

Orange .51
Apple .66
2 pounds Strawberries 2.99
5 pound bag Red Potatoes 3.49
Mariani Dried Apricots 3.49
Frozen Stuffed Clams 3.99 (I love these!)
3 cans Stop and Shop Sliced Beets .89 each
2 cans Bush's Baked Beans 2.00 each
Stop and Shop Light Wheat hot dog buns 2.00
Nature's Promise Whole Wheat bread 2.49
Total: $25.98 after .20 in reusable bag credits
Stop and Shop was out of Arm and Hammer detergent so I'll go back later this week when I get my Hebrew National coupons in the mail. I'm also going to pick up some Ziploc containers because they are 2 for $4 and I have a bunch of $1.50/2 coupons.

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