Monday, April 12, 2010

My Shopping Plan for the Week

I have decided to not go to Walgreens because I decided it is not worth it to go out of my way. Here is where I am going:

Shaws: Lots of stuff is free/super cheap after coupons this week including Goldfish Crackers, Carolina Rice Mixes, Hood Sour Cream and Lifesavers Strings and Rings. I also have a free milk coupon that I got from buying Kelloggs cereal last week. I'm hoping the Swiss Iced Tea is still .99 so I can get it for free with the .50 coupon.

Stop and Shop: Great deal on Arm and Hammer Detergent- buy 6 at $2.50 each and use (2) $1 off 2 coupons and (2) $1 off one Power Gel coupons and then $5 will be taken off automatically for buying 6 products. $6 for 6 bottles is a pretty good deal! I ordered some .75 Hebrew National coupons from Ebay because they are buy one get one free this week. Normal price is around $5.99 so it will be about $3 for 2 packages and hopefully the self scan gun still has a coupon in it for .50 off of one package because that would be so much better!

BJs: My husband drinks a Starbucks bottled Frappuccino everyday so I buy a 12 pack at BJs every couple of weeks. I was very excited to find a $3.50 coupon in the April coupon book so $13.99-$3.50 Bjs coupon - (2) $1 manufacturer internet coupons = cheap Frappuchinos!

Target: A lot of random deals plus we need Draino really bad. I was going to try and make my own drain cleaner but for some reason vinegar and baking soda don't seem like they will work as well as strong chemicals.

CVS: I need toilet paper. We have one roll left. Plus I received another $5 CVS gift card from taking surveys for Lightspeed Panel. If all goes well I'll be getting two 16 roll packs of Charmin and 6 boxes of puffs for about $7.50 out of pocket and I'll receive $10 ECB.

This is my plan. With two kids in tow we'll see how far I get...

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