Friday, June 13, 2014

Just a Road...

This morning was one of those mornings.

I was running super late and was stressed out. I dropped off my four year old at preschool and then was on my way to drop off my two year old at my mom's house. We hit traffic because of course the only time there is ever traffic is when I have to go to work and I am running late.

I was super annoyed and said rather loudly "What is this!"

Then from the back of the car I hear my two year old say in her sweet little voice "It is a road."

Let me tell you, what a giant mood lifter! It was just a road with just cars driving on it and me getting mad wasn't going to make traffic move any faster. Without even knowing it she put me in my place and made me realize that I was complicating things when they just were not that complicated.

If only I could look at things through the eyes of a two year old more often...


  1. Awww.....Out of the mouth of babes!! :)

    1. I know- I definitely will need to remember moments like these when my kids are teenagers and driving me crazy :)