Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Boring Day/Awesome Day

Today was a non-work day for me and thankfully I didn't have much to get done for errands.

The girls and I dropped off juice boxes at my son's school for his end of the year party (they were way to heavy for him to carry on the bus) and then we ran to the craft store to pick up something I needed to make an end of the year present for my four year old daughter's preschool teachers.

On the way back from the craft store the girls were grumpy because I didn't buy them $13 stuffed animals that were by the registers (thank Michaels for placing such enticing things in such a terrible location) so I decided that an impromptu trip to the library would be a good idea.

They had a great time and my four year old was super excited that there were American Girl outfits you could check out. I on the other hand was a little annoyed at my two year old when we left because she is in that lovely stage where she does what she wants and screams when you try to stop her.

Right now the girls are having a picnic on the living room floor and watching one of the movies they picked out. I on the other hand will not be doing nothing fun- just cleaning, laundry and prepping tonight and tomorrow night's dinners.

As boring as my day may sound, I love days like this where we get to spend most of the day home and not running around like a crazy person. I appreciate days like this even more that I work part time because I see how fortunate I am to have days I can spend just hanging out with my kids.

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