Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Sick... Blah.

Sickness is running through my house.

It started out on Friday when I had to pick up my four year old from school because she threw up. She had a stomach bug, which I ended up catching and got sick on Saturday night. Sunday I was asleep all day and Monday my two year old came down with a cold and later on a fever. Today she still has a fever and is miserable.


I haven't gone grocery shopping since last week and most likely won't be able to go until Thursday since I have to work tomorrow- though that is up in the air depending on how Jilly feels in the morning. My husband did run to target on Sunday to pick up some milk and bread (yep, my stomach bug ended my very long no buying bread streak- I'm very upset with myself about it) but I am still going to have to be pretty creative on what kind of dinners I can pull together until I can get my butt to the store.

And as for the housework, well that has fallen to the wayside. My husband did do a ton of laundry this weekend for me (so sweet of him!) but I have not been able to keep up with my cleaning schedule though I am going to try and at least clean the toilets today and dust a little. Oh yes, I also have to fold and put away all of the laundry my husband did- he does not dare fold because he knows how picky I am about it.

Even though our lives have been thrown upside down a bit this week, all that really matters is that we all love each other and are here to help each other. I would much rather have my children remember me as a mom who cuddles and cares for them when they are sick than as a mom who has a perfectly clean and tidy house. And, what a great reminder of how wonderful my husband is- him taking care of me when I'm sick totally erases all of those moments that he makes me want to strangle him  ; )

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