Monday, March 3, 2014

Amazon: Money and Sanity Saver

A way that I save myself time and money is by shopping at Amazon. I love that I can get really good prices on things that we use and really love that it all gets delivered to my door for free.

While we are Amazon Prime members, you don't need to be one to get free delivery on things. All of the items above were bought utilizing Amazon's Subscribe and Save program. Basically, certain items they sell have the option for you to set up automatic deliveries on a date of your choice. By doing so, you get free shipping and 5% off. To make it even better though, if you subscribe to five or more items in a month, you get 15% off! If you are an Amazon Mom member (I believe you have to be a Prime member to sign up) then you get 20% off!

Here is a breakdown of my most recent Subscribe and Save delivery:

2 Seventh Generation Facial Wipes @ $1.67 each (I cut these into 1/4's to get the most for my $)
3 Seventh Generation Body Wash $7.19
2 Clif Bars @ $2.55 each
36 Rolls Scott Toilet Paper $13.18
60 Loads Dropps Baby Detergent $6.83
80 Loads Dropps Detergent $9.98
Magic Erasers $2.28

I had free gift cards that I earned from Swagbucks and taking surveys so I only ended up paying $17.13 out of pocket.

Shopping this way is especially good if you are into buying more natural products for your home as it can be hard to find deals on those at local stores. 

So go ahead- check out Amazon to see if you can save yourself some money (and time) too!

Disclaimer: This post contains my affiliate link.

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