Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Target- Free K-Cups and Cheap Peroxide

I made a special trip to target to stock up on the 5 for $11 soda and of course they were all out of Cherry Coke, which is my husband's favorite. I ended up getting him one 12 pack of regular Coke and will have to make another trip later in the week to get Cherry Coke.

My youngest had some money she got from my mom on Valentine's day so she treated herself and my 4 year old to Lunchables and candy which was very nice of her considering that my 4 year old lost her own money.

Extra Gum $2.29 - .50 Target Coupon = $1.79
2 Market Pantry Candy @ $1 each - 5% Cartwheel = .95 each (not shown)
2 Lunchables @ $1.25 each - 10% Cartwheel = $1.12 each
Archer Farms K-Cup 3 Pack $1.99 - $2 Target Coupon = ***free*** (got this for my mom)
Little Debbie Honey Buns $1.79 (for my husband so he doesn't buy donuts on his way to work)
Up&Up Peroxide .67 - .50 Target Coupon - 5% Cartwheel = .17

Less 5% Red Card Savings

Total: $10.38 ($3 was paid for by the kids so $7.38 will go towards my grocery total)

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  1. Free k-cups? Not a bad deal at all! Nicely done.