Thursday, February 6, 2014

Stop and Shop- Great Deal on Organic Chicken!

6.27 lb Organic Chicken $17.50 ($2.79/lb- what a steal!)
Stop and Shop Whole Milk $3.99 - .50 cash back from Ibotta
Stop and Shop Pure Cane Sugar $2.99 (gmo free because it's pure cane)
Clif Granola Bars $2.99 (gmo free, I got these for a work snack)

Total: $26.97

I am floored by how cheap the organic chicken is at Stop and Shop! At Whole Foods a whole organic chicken is around $3.99 a pound so this is really a deal, especially considering that $2.79/lb is the regular price. Plus, I love that the chicken comes cut up. Each package contains two split breast (bone in) and four legs which works perfectly for my family because my two older kids love chicken legs and would always get upset that whole chickens only had two. Tonight at dinner they thought I was the most awesome mom in the world  : )

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