Thursday, February 20, 2014

Back to Work Stress

Clock Work ManAs you can tell, I have been a little absent lately.

I can probably come up with a million excuses why but it all comes down to I was feeling overwhelmed with life and needed a break from a lot of things.

Now I am back and have regrouped and reprioritized things in my life. A big factor in me doing this was going back to work recently. While I love working those 10 hours a week I completely underestimated how much work it was going to be for me to go to work!

Every Tuesday and Thursday night I am spending enormous amounts of time prepping for the following day- packing lunches, getting back packs set, ironing clothes, etc. The next mornings I wake at 5:30 am so that I have enough time to shower, feed the kids breakfast, dress the kids and myself and pack up the car. My husband puts my 6 year old on the bus and I head out to drop off my 4 year old at preschool by 7:30 and then I drop my 2 year old off at my parent's house around 8 am and then off to work I go.

Then once I get out of work I make a mad dash back to my mom's to get my 2 year old and then a super mad dash home to get my 6 year off of the bus. Once all of that is set, we all go to pick up my 4 year from preschool at 4 pm. I had an incident the first day where I missed getting my son off of the bus- I got home right after the bus came but thankfully after calling the bus company the bus just swung back around after the route and dropped him off. Many tears were shed by me because I felt awful (he was crying on the bus) and now I am completely super paranoid about getting home on time.

I kind of feel like I get the raw deal in all of this. I love being back at work and making extra money, but I am still the one who has to do all of the running around and getting stuff ready. Yes, for the 10 hours I am actually at work I am stress free but the getting there and getting home part stinks. My husband does leave for work a little later so that he can put my son on the bus but in the grand scheme of things, big whoop.

Honestly, all of this has given me so much respect for moms who work out of the home five days a week- it is not easy and on top of working you still have to do all of the regular house stuff like cooking and cleaning. I am in awe- it is a lot to have on your plate.

This week is school vacation week so I only have to drop the kids off at my mom's house but next week it is back to normal and back to running around like a crazy person!

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  1. Missed hearing from you, but I understand why. :)
    The runaround definitely sounds stressful! Do you have any neighbors who also get their kids off the bus? Maybe they could get your son off the bus on the days you don't quite get there in time. If they're already getting their kids off the bus anyway, they probably won't mind, especially if they know you're on your way. I know moms did that for each other in my neighborhood when I was growing up. :)

    1. I wish I had neighbors who could get my son- even to have someone as a back up would be nice. I am going to switch my hours so that I go in 1/2 hour earlier and then leave 1/2 hour earlier- that will definitely give me enough time to get home even if I do hit traffic. I just can't wait until the summer when I will just have to drop all three kids off at my mom's house- it will be so much easier : )