Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Some Great Deals at Dave's Marketplace!

Today a local grocery store was having a 2 day sale so I wanted to take advantage of the deals. I even bought Perdue chicken- I am sort of skewed out that I did this but I could not resist the sale- Perfect Portions for $2.99 plus I had .75 coupons. When I got home I did some research on their site and they say that they do not use antibiotics for growth and only use them under supervision of veterinarians in cases of sick birds. Not sure if I totally 100% believe this but I suppose eating a little of their chicken won't kill me.

Spinach .99
Grape Tomatoes .99
1.86 lb Grapes $1.84 (.99/lb)
2.08 lb Bananas .81 (.39/lb)
Celery $1.49
Cucumber .75
4 Kiwi @ .50 each
1.46 lb Scrod (it is a type of fish) $5.83 ($3.99/lb)
Giovanni Fresh Tortellini $1.99 (for my husband)
2 Perdue Perfect Portions @ $2.99 each - (2) .75 MC = $2.24 each
Less $1 off $5 produce store coupon

Total: $20.17

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