Wednesday, January 1, 2014

No Spend January

No Cash? No Problem. Caution!
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I have been going back and forth on this for awhile but I have come to a final decision that I am going to have a no spend January.

Our budget is super duper tight right now and looking around our home we have everything we need. I am asking myself why on earth should I be buying anything?

Basically I will only be buying food and needed cleaning supplies and toiletries. As for cleaning products I have 3/4 of a gallon of Biokleen All Purpose Cleaner that I dilute to make our household cleaner (I do one tablespoon to four cups of water) and I am stocked up on all natural laundry detergents (my favorite is Charlie's Soap- I use it for our clothes and cloth diapers). I don't see us needing any toiletries right now but during the month something is sure to pop up. We are set for clothing and I definely have enough paint right now to paint our new doors- it will probably take me the rest of the month to get all of those done with three screaming kids running around.

So the rules I am setting for myself are I can just buy food and needed cleaning supplies and toiletries. No stocking up on Christmas clearance, no Target end cap stalking and no online deal browsing.

I feel like this is impossible for me but at the same time feel like I can accomplish it. But seriously, a whole month without UPS dropping off a package at my house? Yikes.

Does anyone else want to join me on this craziness?

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