Tuesday, January 14, 2014

No Spend January- Update

No Cash? No Problem. Caution!
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Week two of my personal no spend January challenge went kind of well.

I purchased only groceries and did not succumb to any after Christmas sales. I did pre-order a book on Amazon that comes out in March (it is a gluten free cookbook from the people who put out the Cook's Illustrated cookbook I love so much) but I will not get charged for it until is ships to technically I didn't spend anything.

My husband has been getting his coffee everyday but he is not included in this- I can't even imagine what he would say if I told him to stop going to Dunkin Donuts. We did end up gutting take out once, on Friday, because I found out last minute that my mom couldn't come and pick up my son for a promised sleepover so I had to drive him.

This next part I am not going to count towards my challenge as they were things we needed...

We are adopting a dog (so excited) and had to buy some basic supplies for her (we used an Amazon gift card I earned from iPoll and some Amex points we had). This was not a thing we were planning on doing this month but the poor dog needs a home.

My friend lives in North Carolina and found Holly on the side of the road with no collar. She tried to find the owners but no one came forward. My friend took her to the vet where she was found positive for heart worms (we are going to get her treated at our vet for that) and she had her spayed (who in the world would ever own a pet and not get them fixed- so irresponsible). My friend tried finding someone to adopt Holly down there but honestly, it is hard to get someone to take in a pit bull mix dog. Most insurance companies and a majority of landlords hate them so these poor dogs more often than not end up getting put down. She also contacted all of the no kill shelters in her area and all are full. She would have loved to keep the dog but she already has two pit bulls and she is moving at the end of the month to a place that will not allow three dogs.

My husband was actually the one who got the ball rolling on possibly adopting Holly, which was so surprising considering that he said no more dogs. This weekend he will driving down to pick her up- he is meeting my friend and her husband in Virginia and will also possibly be transporting a rescue puppy for someone up here who wants to adopt it. I am pretty awestruck at his commitment to saving Holly.

I am very nervous about the money aspect of this whole thing because we don't really have extra cash laying around but we will make it work. The cost of gas and a hotel room, Holly's vet visit and heart worm treatment and the extra cost of food are things I am trying not to dwell on too much because I know we are doing something good.

So there it is, my no spend (though I did spend) week.

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