Wednesday, January 1, 2014

No More Hustle and Bustle

This quote is totally me. I crave simplicity in my life and one of the major ways I accomplish that is staying home most of the time.

I have found that running around to tons of stores a week, taking kids to various activities and basically having a filled up calendar caused me a lot of stress. So, I stopped.

Yep. I stopped running around to stores trying to snag the deals. I stopped signing the kids up for activities that I knew they could care less about and that were a pain for me to take them to (having a toddler makes everything so hard!). I stopped making plans because I felt obligated.

It honestly feels great to have nothing to "do". I make a trip to the grocery store once a week and sometimes a trip to Target as well. Two days a week I have to drop off and pick up my daughter at preschool and thankfully my son's bus stop is fifteen feet from our side door so I get to watch him from the window. Sure I sprinkle in playtime with friends for my kids here and there but for a majority of the time I expect my kids to play with each other- heck, one of the reasons I had three kids was so that they would always have someone to play with.

Since I stopped the running around my stress level has dropped tremendously and I have to say that I enjoy being a semi-hermit. I get to spend more time with my family and I get more done around the house, including making all of our meals from scratch.

If you are stressed out I highly recommend trying out my hermit lifestyle, even if you just stay home a few days a week. I would venture to say that you too will decide the hustle and bustle is just not worth it.

Living simple is living good : )

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