Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Pizza Night- Gluten Free Crust Here I Come!

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Tonight for dinner we are having homemade pizza. I actually love pizza nights because pizza is yummy and it's a pretty cheap (and healthy) meal to pull off.

I make my dough in the bread machine and pre-bake it so that when it's about dinnertime I can easily throw the toppings on and pop it into the oven- the five o'clock hour around hear is always pure chaos so anything I can do beforehand to prep saves my sanity.

Tonight I will be making the regular dough for my family but will be making gluten free dough for myself. I am excited because let's face it, not being able to have "regular" pizza kind of stinks! I have been just using corn tortillas for pizza but lets face it- a corn tortilla is no match for chewy, thin crust pizza. I plan on making a bunch of individual pizza crusts so I can freeze them for later meals- my chest freezer is my most treasured asset in my frugal-ness.

So, wish me luck in my gluten free pizza endeavor! I will be sure to post an update later to let you know how it turned out  : )

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