Sunday, November 17, 2013

Whole Foods

We were out of a lot of things and most of those things were stuff that I can only get at Whole Foods. I actually spent less than I thought I would but mostly because I resisted the temptation to buy the $9.99 a pound strip steak that was on sale for one day only. I am very proud of myself  : )

(2) 365 Organic 32 oz. Yogurt @ $2.99 each
.57 lb Organic Raisins $1.82 (from the bulk bins)
.53 lb Peanuts $2.33 (from the bulk bins)
365 Saltines $3.19
365 Organic Graham Crackers $3.99
365 Organic Taco Shells $2.79
365 Organic Morning O's Cereal $3.99 (my kids prefer this to Cheerios- yeah!)
Earth's Best Organic Applesauce Cups $4.19
365 Organic Jelly $3.99 (I save the jars to use as drinking glasses- I am cheap)
(2) 365 Organic Pasta Sauce @ $2.29 each (this is a ridiculously good price for organic sauce)
(2) 365 Organic Salad Dressing @ $2.49 each (another awesome price on organic)
Organic Sucanat $4.69 (this is healthier than white sugar- I use it to make my bread)
365 Lavender Conditioner $2.99 
365 Organic Peanut Butter $4.99 (just peanuts- no salt or sugar added)
365 Baking Powder $1.79
365 Organic Eggs $3.99
Buffalo Wing Sauce $4.99 (pretty sure contains goo's but there were no better options)
365 Organic Chicken Soup $2.69
365 Pretzels $1.69
Three Sisters Marshmallows Cereal $2.00 (treat for the kids)
Nature's Pride Organic Corn Puffs $2.19
Wallaby Organic Keifer $3.50 (treat for kids)
365 Frozen Broccoli $1.49
365 Frozen Corn $2.49 (gmo free)
365 Italian Shredded Cheese $6.99
365 Organic Almond Milk $3.39
365 Frozen Onion Rings $2.49
365 Frozen Brussels Sprouts $1.19
365 Organic Brown Rice $3.99
Organic Valley Heavy Whipping Cream $2.49
365 Organic Butter $4.79
365 English Muffins $2.49
(2) 365 Organic Tortillas @ $2.19 each
(4) 365 Organic Fruit Strips @ .49 each
5 lbs Organic Yukon Potatoes $5.99
Organic Romaine Lettuce $2.99
3 lbs Organic Yellow Onions $1.79
1.13 lbs Organic Granny Smith Apples $2.81
.82 lbs Organic Carrots .73
2.77 lb Organic Golden Delicious Apples $5.51
Raspberries $2.99
3.83 lbs Organic Bosc Pears $7.62
1.32 lbs Grapefruit $1.97 (the cashier rang this up wrong- it should have been $1.50)

$10 Donation to the Rhode Island Food Bank

Total: $158.09

I really, really hope that I can stretch what I bought on this trip plus the meat I bought last week for last the next two weeks. I would like to just buy produce and milk next week (my husband gets paid every two weeks so this week was a pay week) plus soda and whatever extra junk my husband wants. Sticking to only spending $250 every two weeks on *healthy* groceries sometimes feels impossible.

On another note- when I donated the $10 to the Rhode Island Food Bank the cashier told me that Whole Foods' suppliers are giving the donated food to them at wholesale prices. This is great because it means that when I donate the $10 it is actually going to buy more food for those in need than if I went and bought $10 worth of food. It also makes me kind of sad though that whenever a cashier asks me if I want to donate and I say yes they act shocked. Honestly- if you are spending loads of money on organic food can't you spare 5 or 10 dollars to help those in need? I would figure people who were so into healthy food and the environment would be more into helping their fellow man who has fallen on rough times. Maybe I'm the only on who feels this way though.

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