Saturday, October 26, 2013

Target- Quick Trip

2 Packages of Gum @ $2.29 each (for my husband- he is a gum addict)
Annie's Chedder Bunnies $2.69
Annie's Organic Snack Mix $3.69 (the price went up $1 so I won't be buying these anymore)
2 Juicy Juice Juice Boxes @ 2.39 each - 5% Cartwheel Savings = $2.27 each (for son's class party)
Market Pantry Cherries $1.77 (for my husband)
1.5 lbs Grapes $2.79 - $1 Mobile Coupon = $1.79 (these are domestic so not on the dirty dozen)
1 lb Grass Fed Ground Beef $5.25 - $1 Mobile Coupon = $4.25 (great price for grass fed!)

Total: $23.31

I also got a gift bag and card for a birthday my son is going to and Halloween candy but those are not included in my grocery budget (and I did not get super duper awesome deals on them) so I did not include them in the picture.

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