Saturday, October 5, 2013

Quick Trip to Dave's Marketplace

We needed fruit and milk and I did not feel super well this morning so I skipped the 20 minute drive to Whole Foods and decided to go to a local grocery store. I was so surprised (and excited) that they actually carried organic produce (not a lot, but enough to meet my needs) because the store near we used to live did not carry any organic produce. It is nice to know that I have a closer (and locally owned) store to shop at if I don't feel like making the trek to Whole Foods!

8.95 lb Sugar Pumpkins $6.17 (going to make pumpkin puree- so excited!)- forgot to add to photo
Tomatoes $3.99
1.53 Minneola Oranges $3.04
1.01 lb Bananas .80 (the organic ones looked terrible)
Organic Kiwi $2.99
1.25 lb Organic Apples $2.49
4.33 lb Organic Pears $8.62
2 Avocados @ $1.50 each
Jarred Cherries $1.99 (for my husband- he loves these things)
Poland Spring Water $2.00 (bought to fit in my son's lunch box; his water bottles are too big)
Arnold Mills Puffed Wheat Cereal $2.29
3 Immaculate Baking Crescent Rolls @ $1.50 each (great for last minute plus gmo free)
3 Stoneyfield Organic Yogurt Cups @ $1.00 each
Organic Valley Milk $3.99 (this store does not sell gallons of organic milk)
Florida's Natural Orange Juice $3.00
Turkey Hill All Natural Ice Cream $5.99 (I thought it was on sale for $4.50- holy moly)
Applegate Turkey Breast Deli Meat $4.99
Applegate Provolone Cheese $3.99
Applegate Genoa Salami $4.99 (nitrate free)
Flowers $4.99

Total: $77.24

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