Saturday, October 5, 2013

I've Got Worms...

I decided to try another go around at worm composting. My last experience didn't end well for the worms but this time seems to be different (thank goodness).

I have had barely had any escapees and the worms are doing a great job at turning old, half rotten produce that I would have just thrown away into super high quality compost. I am hoping to have a lot by the spring when I finally get to have my own garden *so excited*.

I think the major reason these worms are doing better is that I leave them alone. I'm not fiddling with them everyday and trying to see if they are still alive. I finally realized that these are worms- they live in dirt and eat rotting stuff. I think they can handle themselves as long as I provide a bin that is not too wet or dry and give them "food" every so often.

I have actually not even been feeding them on a consistent basis because I forget, which seems like it has really been working in my favor. So whenever I remember I just throw some scraps of the kids' fruit or leftover veggies from dinner (plain because you should not really feed them anything with butter, seasoning, etc.) and they seem to be good to go.

Today I made pumpkin puree so I decided to let the worms have some of the gooey pumpkin insides. I am imagining them having a party celebrating Autumn while they are scarfing their treat down.

I know some may think it is weird that I have worms as pets but they are doing my future garden a great service and my kids think they are really cool. Jilly, my almost two year old, waves at the bin whenever we are in the garage and says "hi worms". Plus, what other pet can you forget about for days without killing them?

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