Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Just Another Day...

No noise? Just as well baby Theo is a sleep then
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Today (like most days) was the kind of day where everything was going fine but then started to go downhill pretty fast.

I didn't get much sleep last night because of a sore throat so I was not at the top of my game but my son was in school and I just had Alli (who is 4) and Jilly (who is almost 2) so everything went pretty smoothly. I got a bunch of chores done, I organized my desk area and I played with the girls for a bit.

Then my son got home and the dynamic changed. If you have kids you know that there is a dynamic that goes on- certain siblings are better around each other than others. In my family right now Tyler (who is 6) and Alli are always loud when around each other- they are either fighting or running around like crazy people together. When Tyler and Jilly are together it's pretty calm. When Alli and Jilly are together is is 50%  calm and 50% fighting because Jilly likes to wreck Alli's stuff and Alli doesn't like when Jilly touches anything that is hers.

When all three are together it is like I am in the midst of a mosh pit. Kids are running around, throwing toys, fighting, screaming with laughter, and anything else that you can think of that involves driving me crazy. At his point in the day (around 3:30 pm) my patience starts to fade and then at around 5 pm when I'm trying to cook dinner my patience takes a nosedive. This is the point when the two older kids usually get sent to their rooms because they didn't listen the 542 times I told them to stop running/fighting/throwing crap, etc.

Then I have some peace until Jilly starts crying because she wants dinner (even though she had an afternoon snack- I swear she has a tape worm) and I have to try and calmly explain to her that mommy is making dinner and it is going to take some time. This is obviously not the kind of answer that calms a toddler.

At this point in my day I dream about running away with the circus or even just running away to my garage where it is quiet and there are no little ones screaming or constantly asking me for things.

I swear this happens every.single.day and every.single.day I wonder why it is that I wanted three kids. Why would I subject myself to constant noise and stress?

Well, because along with those things there is the constant love that my kids have for me and that I have for them. They're my little monsters and I love them- ear piercing screaming and all.

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