Sunday, September 29, 2013

Whole Foods- Over Budget

Organic Romaine Lettuce $2.99
1.08 lb Organic Onions $1.61
6 Organic Kiwi $2.99
Cucumber .99 (they did not have any organic ones)
5 lb Bag Organic Red Potatoes $5.99
1 lb Organic Bananas .99
10 oz Mushrooms $2.29
2.17 lb Organic Grapes $7.57
Organic Baby Carrots $1.69
.14 lb Garlic .56
3.43 lbs Organic Bosc Pears $6.83
Organic Grape Tomatoes $3.99
365 Organic Whole Milk $5.99
365 Organic Orange Juice $3.99
365 Frozen Broccoli $1.49
365 Frozen Mixed Veggies $2.49
Alexia Waffle Fries $4.49 - $1.00 store coupon
365 Organic Yogurt (32 oz.) $2.99
Stoneyfield Organic Yogurt Cup .99 (using to make homemade yogurt)
365 Organic Corn Tortillas $1.49
365 Frozen Cherries $5.39 (my youngest loves these)
Organic Valley Organic Heavy Cream $2.49
365 Ricotta $3.29
5.38 lb Whole Chicken $13.40
(2) 365 Organic Ketchup @ $1.99 each
3.12 lb Boneless Chuck Roast $12.45
Applegate Beef Hot Dogs (nitrate free) $5.99
Soup Bones $9.23 (making homemade stock this week)
.89 lb Grass Fed Beef Shank $4.44 (using to make stock)
365 Organic Graham Crackers $3.99
365 Organic Jelly $3.99
365 Organic Morning O's Cereal $3.99
365 Organic Black Pepper $3.99
365 Organic Peanut Butter (no sugar or salt added) $4.99
365 Organic Baked Beans $1.49
365 Organic Lasagna Noodles $2.99
Earth's Best Organic Applesauce $4.19
Clif Kids Z-Bars $4.49 (getting $1 back from Ibotta, plus $1 bonus- see previous Target trip)
365 Saltines $3.19
365 Organic Cage Free Eggs $3.99
Kettle Potato Chips $4.99
365 Veggie Chips $1.99
365 Pretzels $1.69
365 Organic Hot Dog Buns $2.99

Total: $181.00

Holy moly did I spend a lot this week. I guess after eating super simple last week when my husband was out of town I wanted to start cooking actual meals this week.

I am most excited for the beef bones and beef shank- I am going to attempt to make my own beef stock this week. I have always wanted to try this but would end up just buying the pre-made stuff because it was cheap; I no longer buy my food just based on cheap so homemade seems to be the way to go. It is so much more nutritious and you can control the ingredients that go into it- wish me luck!

I am also planning on making tuna casserole this week- it is my husband's favorite meal (the kids and I don't care for it much). Instead of using canned cream of mushroom soup, which is full of not that great ingredients, I am going to make my own from scratch (the beef stock is going to come into play for this recipe). I am hoping it comes out great and maybe this time I will actually think it tastes good.

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