Monday, September 23, 2013

Whole Foods- Cheap Wine and Pumpkin Beer

I had to return some cloths to the local outlet mall so I decided since I was sort of in the area I would make the trek to a super nice Whole Foods.

(2) 365 Frozen Pizza @ $3.99 each (I usually make my own but have been lazy lately)
365 Organic 32 oz Yogurt $2.99
Organic Valley Whole Milk $6.69
365 Organic Tortillas $2.19
365 Organic Butter $4.79
Applegate Organic Turkey Hot Dogs $6.49
365 Shredded Cheese $5.99 (I meant to grab organic- oops)
365 Organic String Cheese $4.69
2 Wallaby Organic Kefir @ $4.49
3.31 lb Organic Pears $8.90
1.41 lb Organic Bananas $1.40
2 Avocados @ $2.00 each
Lundberg Organic Brown Rice Cakes $3.99 (my kids love these- they don't know they are healthy)
365 Organic Mustard $2.49
365 Organic Onion Ring Chips $2.19 (impulse buy- never go shopping hungry)
365 Organic Cage Free Eggs $3.99
365 Multi-Grain Tortilla Chips $2.99 (gmo free)
4 Bottles Three Wishes Wine @ $2.99 each
Harpoon UFO Pumpkin Beer $9.99 plus .30 bottle deposit
$5 Donation to the Whole Kids Foundation

Total: $107.99

I know you are probably thinking what the heck is wrong with me for buying $3 wine. The honest truth is that it tastes good, actually better than the $8 to $10 bottles I usually buy. It is a really good everyday wine and whenever I'm near that Whole Foods I buy a bunch. See, I can be frugal! The pumpkin beer though was an impulse buy- I love pumpkin so I just couldn't resist!

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