Monday, September 23, 2013

Somehow I spent More Than I Meant To At Target

I ran to Target to pick up soda for my husband and some freezer bags and somehow ended up with all of this...

2 Mustela All Natural Sunscreen @ $5.54 each (regularly $22 each- yikes!)
Circo Toddler Shorts $1.80 (regularly $6- these are for next year)
Circo Toddler Shorts $2.10 (regularly $7- these are for next year)
Annie's Cheddar Bunnies $2.50
Annie's Graham Bunnies $2.50
Annie's Organic Snack Mix $2.89
Market Pantry Red Wine Vinegar $1.52 (to get rid of fruit flies- hope it works!)
Kraft Flavored Marshmallows $1.50 (bribe for my 2 year old to sit in the shopping cart)
Yogurt Maker $14.98 (regularly $29.99)
Popcorn Bowl $1.48 (regularly $2.99- needed a 2nd one because the kids fight over the one we have)
(2) Up & Up Freezer Bags @ $3.49 each
Up & Up Napkins $3.60 after 5% Cartwheel Savings
Banzai Slip and Slide $1.43 (regularly $4.79)
4 Cherry Coke $10.42 after 5% Cartwheel Savings

Total: $68.28

Out of everything I bought I am most excited about the yogurt maker. My kids love yogurt and buying organic is getting expensive- if I can make my own I should be able to save myself some money so that I can buy more organic foods. I forgot to buy a cup of plain yogurt to use as the starter so my yogurt making endeavors will have to wait until the next time I go to the store.

As for the napkins- I hate that we use disposable. I really want to switch to cloth napkins but it seems scary to me though I'm really not sure why. If anything, I think we should have both on hand the way we do with paper towels. We use rags 99% of the time but have paper towels on hand for really gross messes like dog throw up (sorry to be so graphic). This will happen- just not sure when.

And the Mustela Sunscreen- holy moly what a great deal! I have been buying the kids Think Baby sunscreen since learning about all of the harmful ingredients in mainstream sunscreens and even though I have been getting pretty good deals on Amazon it is still way more expensive than the regular junk. I don't ind paying more because the health of my kids is priceless, but that doesn't mean I can't appreciate a great deal!

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