Thursday, January 31, 2013

Finding Baby Formula Coupons on Fiverr

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Finding Baby Formula Coupons on Fiverr

Fiverr is a website that allows people to offer or buy services for five dollars. The services performed can range from the insane—paying someone else to name your baby—to useful—hiring someone to clip your coupons. Couponing can be a confusing and time consuming process but there are many people on this site willing to help.

A quick entry of ‘coupon’ in the search box will reveal a variety of gigs that people are willing to preform to help you coupon. There are many experienced couponers willing to answer questions and give advice about coupons. Many of the gigs offer lessons on how save money by using coupons. Some even offer video tutorial programs.

Searching for coupons will also bring up gigs of people willing to sell coupon clipping services for five dollars. Many sellers offer a price limit of $25-$100 of clipped coupons mailed to you for five dollars. Most of these are manufacture’s grocery coupons found in the Sunday paper or sent through the weekly mail advertisements. Some sellers even offer to match up coupons with their buyer’s local store ads, saving several hours of planning time.

As you scroll through coupon gig offers and consider them you may want to make a collection of them. This will help you compare them side by side and help you get the most out of your five dollars. To make a collection of gigs look for the word ‘collect’ next to a heart image located at the bottom of each entry. Click on the text and you’ll be prompted to name your new collection. After this initial step each time you click ‘collect’ on a gig it will be added to your collection list. Scroll through your coupon offers and compare them to decide which gig suits your needs the best.
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