Monday, December 31, 2012


Arizona - The Grand Canyon State Welcomes You
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My husband is interviewing for a job in Arizona. Yes, the Arizona that is really, super far away from the little state of Rhode Island that we live in now.

He has a great job now that he is excelling at, so if he gets the new job great, but if not oh well. If he gets it we will be packing up all of our stuff, three kids and dog to move from the frigid cold of New England to a place that doesn't have to deal with snow and ice. If he doesn't get it, then when our lease is up here, we will move back to Massachusetts to a town way closer to his work so we are not spending over $250 a week on gas.

I actually think it would be cool to move far away. As boring as I am, I think it would be exciting. Other than living in Georgia for a year before we were married, we have lived in New England our whole lives. New England is a great place, but I hate snow. I also hate the fact that the cost of living is crazy here. I hate the fact that spending $200,000 on a house gets you a fixer upper in a decent neighborhood with high property taxes. 

The only thing making me the tiniest bit hesitant about possibly moving far away is my parents not seeing my kids as much. They love my kids so much and I know it would break their hearts to be that far away. But, I can't live my life on how others are going to feel- I need to do what is best for my husband, kids and I. 

So, yes- moving to Arizona would be fun. But if not, then we'll move near my husband's work which will be about 1 1/2 hours from where we are now. Either way, we'll be somewhere new and either way I'll be with the ones who matter most to me- my husband and kids (but cross your fingers that we'll move to the place that doesn't require snowsuits and ice scrapers).

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