Monday, November 26, 2012

So It Starts...

Somewhere a Child is Sad
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Jilly turned one on November 10th which means this whole breastfeeding thing is starting to wind down.

You see, the one year mark was the time I usually celebrated because my boobs were going to be repossessed from the baby and given back to their rightful owner (me). I felt that way before because with my first two children I knew that there was going to be another baby. This time I know that there won't be anymore babies and while I am happy to be able to have my body back (and ditch the uber un-sexy nursing bras) I am sad that this will officially end my child bearing years. I am sad that my last little baby is growing up so fast and before I know it all three of my monsters are going to be teenagers and hate my guts and think I am the most embarrassing thing on the planet- even more embarrassing than my parents were to me.

Not that I will be off the nursing hook anytime soon though. Jilly is very attached to nursing and has decided that mommy's milk tastes way better than cow's milk. And she also decided that drinking from a sippy cup is for losers- boobs are way better. The process of weaning her is going to take awhile and to tell you the truth I won't mind. I just look down at Jilly when I am nursing her to sleep at night and any stress I am feeling just melts away because at those moments I feel like all is right in the world. Then I put her to bed and go downstairs to find the other two kids beating the ever living crap out of each other and I realize that my sweet little nursling is going to be just like her older brother and sister- God help me.

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