Monday, November 19, 2012

Give Me a Break...

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This will be the best Thanksgiving ever because...

We are staying home and no one is visiting us.

No having to pile everyone into the car to drive 45 minutes to visit family. No having to cook a huge ass meal from scratch only to have to clean up a huge ass mess when everyone leaves.

This year it will just be us lounging around and not having to deal with crazy people, annoying people or any people at all. I am even going totally against my usual no processed crap and will be preparing Stove Top Stuffing and canned gravy. It is a far cry from the delicious crock pot stuffing and homemade gravy I usually make but this mama needs a darn break. I am still going to make homemade mashed potatoes (the boxed stuff is nasty) and a turkey (I throw it in my huge Le Creuset Dutch Oven that is the love of my life) so I am not going totally trailer on Thanksgiving.

I am so excited. And just think- if we move far away (Arizona may be a possibility along with Georgia) we can always have calm relaxing holidays! The thought just makes me downright giddy.

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