Wednesday, October 10, 2012 Sell Your Clothes and Make Some Money!

If you are anything like me, you have lots of clothing in your closet that you don't like anymore or that doesn't fit. What if I told you that your gently used clothing could earn you some money instead of just taking up room in your closet?

I recently came across the website Twice- they buy and sell gently used women's clothing. It is a pretty easy process to sell your clothing; first you enter what you have and they give you an estimate of how much you'll receive. If that estimate is at least $20 you input your address and they will email you a postage paid label to mail them your clothing. Once your clothing has been processed they will send you an offer and if you accept it you can get your money via a check or PayPal.

Pretty simple, huh?

I have a big box of clothing that I will be mailing to them tomorrow so I am excited to see exactly how much I get for it- my estimate was for $33-$70 for sixteen items. I only wish I knew about Twice before we moved because I got rid of tons of items that I could have sold.

When you sign up, you also get a $10 credit in your account to use to buy something- there are actually some very good deals on their site. I found Gap jeans for $15, though I passed because I have a million pairs of jeans as it is.

Also keep in mind thredUp for your children's outgrown clothing- I have sold to them and was very happy with the whole process. If you sign up you also get a $10 credit in your account to buy something- I used my sign up credit to buy a shirt for my son's Halloween costume.

I know that you may be able to do better on Ebay, but for me personally it just isn't worth the hassle of listing everything, paying the fees, dealing with annoying buyers and shipping everything. With Twice and thredUp I can be lazy and still make some extra money.

Disclaimer: This post contains my affiliate links.

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