Thursday, October 18, 2012

Internet Money Saving Tips

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Internet Money Saving Tips

Holiday shopping season is just around the corner and I, for one, feel like having few more pennies in the piggy bank heading into Black Friday.
After contemplating a number of money-saving strategies and studying my monthly bank statements, I realized that there was a lot of money to be saved by taking advantage of the Internet, ranging from low gas price locators to vacation packages.
One thing I didn’t realize was the unnecessary amount of communication outlets that I was paying for separately. Before diving into my online shopping spree, I realized that some adjustments needed to be made to my Internet and TV provider plans. It is absolutely unnecessary to pay separately for mobile telephone, landline, TV service, and the Internet connection. There were better plans out there!

MONEY SAVING TIP #1: Look into bundled packages.

There are a number of plans and companies out there, so do your research. Be sure to look for promotions and rebates.

After I finally found the package that was best for my wants and needs, I was ready to get my shop on. The question quickly became: What resources do the Satellite Internet Providers sell that will noticeably save me money? The answers came quickly as I identified the large contributors to the monthly expenses on my bank statement which were gas, groceries, insurance bills, and mortgage bills. A few clicks on the mouse later and I was able to cut back on all of the above.

MONEY SAVING TIP #2: Compare rates for major and minor purchases.

The Internet provides tons of resources for first-time homeowners and those looking for lower premiums. Compare prices and who has the fastest internet speeds for your browsing or shopping needs. Call a lender to get the best deal that loan offices have to offer. Getting the appropriate mortgage rate is great, but you need to be sure that it is affordable.

MONEY SAVING TIP #3: Use online calculators.

After locking in suitable mortgage and insurance rates, you need to know if it is affordable. Take advantage of online calculators to help you answer personal finance questions.

After following these three guidelines, I was well on my way to buying the fishing pole that my husband had been eyeing for weeks. This just scratches the surface of Internet money-saving tips, but it will certainly nudge you in the right direction to discover the full realm of Internet possibilities.

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