Saturday, October 20, 2012

Frugal Tip- Reuse Stuff

I love The Body Shop- it is definitely not a frugal place to shop but as a 29 year old who still gets pimples I love their Tea Tree line of facial products. I am willing to pay more for stuff that prevents me from looking like a greasy faced teenager (I suppose sticking with products that work saves me money by me not having to spend a lot buying different things that don't in fact work).

Something I love about receiving my orders in the mail are the way that The Body Shop packages them- them come in a regular box but inside everything is laid out in brown paper shreds. It feels like I am opening up something special, which I suppose for the price I pay it is the least they can do to package it up cool.

Have you ever shopped for paper shreds? I buy them when I am making gift baskets or around Easter for Easter baskets (plastic Easter grass is evil) and for what they are, shredded up paper, I end up paying an arm and a leg for enough to fill my needs. This is way I have started to save all of the paper shreds that The Body Shop so kindly packages my orders in. I simply put them in bags (I used the bags that my newspapers come in) and throw them in my pantry up on a high shelf, out of the way. Then I have my paper shreds when I need them- this saves me a trip to the store (I abhor going to the store with the kids) and it saves me money because free paper shreds are better than expensive paid for paper shreds.

Reusing items extends way past my paper shred obsession- there are tons of things that people throw away each day that can be reused into useful things, which is turn saves you money. And if you are all environmental (which I'm not), reusing things is good for the trees and the fuzzy polar bears.

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