Friday, October 12, 2012

Down With Smelly Dishes...

I have been using normal dishwasher detergent in my dishwasher for as long as I have had a dishwasher and I have always noticed a slight smell when the dishes were done- it was the smell of the detergent. I always wondered if it was a bad thing but figured it must be okay since it even happened in our old house where we had a very high end Bosh dishwasher.

When we moved to our rental townhouse it came with a cheap dishwasher and I could still smell the detergent on the cleaned dishes. When I ran out of my stockpile of Finish tabs I bought a box of Cascade and holy crap- the smell of detergent was super strong. The dishes looked clean and I didn't see any residue so continued to use the Cascade.

When I was almost out I went onto Amazon to buy some more detergent (I try to buy as much stuff as possible online because hauling the three kids to the store is a personal hell that I try to avoid) and while I was trying to find a good deal I came across  Ecover Dishwashing Tablets. The price was pretty good and the reviews were good so I bought them.

Let me tell you that after doing a few loads of dishes I love this stuff. My dishes came out super clean and smelled like nothing. I am pretty sure this is because Ecover states that their product uses no chlorine, leaves no chemical residues, has no artificial fragrances and is natural. This actually scares me because I am wondering how much residue the other brands were leaving behind with their smell and weird chemicals- yuck. 

So now along with using natural laundry detergent that leaves no smells or chemical residue on my clothes(Charlie's Soap is so awesome) and natural all purpose cleaner that leaves no smell or chemical residue in my home (yeah Biokleen ) I am now using natural dishwasher detergent the leaves no smell or chemical residue on my dishes. I swear I am not some tree hugging hippie- I just like products that work and are not harmful to my family.

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