Thursday, October 11, 2012

Cloth Diapering...

Cloth diapering has been pretty easy- but keep in mind this is my second time around doing it.

I have mostly been using prefolds with diaper covers though I do have a healthy stash of pocket and all in one diapers to use at night and for my husband to use when I am at work on Saturdays.

I do have to say that things are exponentially easier this time because I have my own washer and dryer. I wasn't able to clean my diapers properly before which resulted in my son getting rashes and me having to repeatedly strip the diapers- that was a huge pain in the butt. Now I can run a quick wash to get the pee and residual poop out and then run a full hot wash with an extra rinse to clean the diapers. They come out super clean and then I hang them up on my ghetto diaper drying rack, otherwise known as the metal shelf above my washer and dryer in the downstairs bathroom.

My new total for cloth diapering is at about $250, here is what I have:

6 Bumgenius Freetime all in one diapers
4 Alva pocket diapers
2 Fuzzibunz Elite pocket diapers
1 Flip Trainer with three inserts (for my three year old to wear at night)
1 Flip cover with three inserts (bought as seconds from Cotton Babies)
2 Bumgenius 4.0 pocket diapers (bought as seconds from Cotton Babies)
3 Econobum Covers
12 Econobum prefolds
2 Hemp Babies Flats (bought as seconds from Cotton Babies)
1 Snappi
1 Kushies Cover
2 Wet Bags (from Ebay)- these are larger ones
1 Alva Wet Bag- this is a smaller one

I am done buying diapers- I feel that my stash is complete and I have everything I need to get me through to Jillian being potty trained. It is really hard to say no to a great deal but I just have to keep telling myself that I am doing this to save money and if I keep buying stuff then the whole endeavor was pointless. That doesn't mean I can't sell some of my stash on DiaperSwappers to fund buying new stuff though...

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