Tuesday, September 11, 2012

This Is Your Brain...

Frying Eggs
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Today is the kind of day that makes me wonder why the heck anyone would ever say "oh, you're so lucky to be able to be home with your kids all day".

Lucky? LUCKY? 

First of all, when I decided to be a stay at home mom my husband and I gave up having extra money to do things and at that time we had very little money so I couponed shamelessly with little regard to my dignity (yes, I am talking about arguing with cashiers about pennies). I also gave up a large part of who I was because I gave up having a real job- you know, where I got raises and recognition when I worked hard.

Now onto my bad day- we all went to Target (the great state of Rhode Island had no school today) and my kids were little heathens. That is it- they were heathens and my head is now killing me from dealing with them. When I was in the store I literally wanted to punch myself in the face until I ended up in a coma. Uninterrupted sleep, count me in!

We are home and I wish we had alcohol in the house- we have Kahlua but I don't consider that real alcohol. I'm talking something I can drink out of a shot glass- maybe something with some salt and a lime wedge... I suppose that would be frowned on by all of the good mommies out there but then they can come watch my kids for me while I drown my sorrows. 

I am starting to equate being home with the kids all day with the old school don't do drugs commercials- picture and egg and someone saying "this is your brain" and then picture the egg being cracked into a frying pan and someone saying "this is your brain as a stay at home mom". 

Oh well... it is almost two o'clock and who knows- the kids may be little sweetie pies the rest of the day. Wouldn't that be nice...


  1. Most school districts don't have school today because the schools are used as polling places. It's unsafe for kids to be in school while strangers are milling around.

    On another note... I'm imagining duct tape, rope and copious amounts of Benadryl would have come in handy today... if only it were legal :-D

  2. Cynthia...thats not legal? Lol j/k...we all have those days :)

  3. Wow lol we are in the same exact boat....I too also thought about drinking. We had a new refrigerator delivered today and my 2 yo was absolutely outrageous to the point that the delivery guy gave him a lecture ( how embarassing ) I feel your pain :)