Saturday, September 8, 2012

Is It Over Yet?

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I am so over the whole presidential election thing that is going on right now- it honestly feels like this whole fiasco had been going on forever.

Now normally I am super interested in events such as these. In the last go around, back in 2008, I was really into the whole process. The Republican primary was enthralling until the end when John McCain won out- I was rooting for Fred Thompson but he was out way before we held our primary in Massachusetts so I voted for Mitt Romney. John McCain as a nominee was very disappointing but then I had the extreme hope he would choose Romney as his running mate. Obviously that was a no go considering he chose the disastrous Sarah Palin and I have to say that I like her less now than I did then- I find her annoying, not very smart and just an all around fame whore. I ended up voting for a third party candidate because I just could not hold my nose and vote for McCain and since I am a full blown Republican, and enjoy such things as smaller government and less hand outs for those who don't like to work hard, I also could not vote for Barack Obama.

So here we are again with another election looming ahead. The republican nominee is Mitt Romney- I was so rooting for Ron Paul this time around because all of the crazy stuff he said four years ago was actually right but yet again I picked a loser. Romney such an underwhelming candidate but what can I say- I will vote for him because I believe we need a clear minded business man to turn things around. He's not flashy or very interesting but I don't need a superstar wannabe to run my country, I need someone who will just do the job.

I do look forward to watching the two candidates debate, as well as the Vice Presidential candidates- who can turn down a chance to listen to Joe Biden yet again put his foot in his mouth? He's like the crazy old uncle who drinks too much on holidays and starts saying the funniest things without realizing that he's being funny.

On election day I will be at the polls casting my vote for Romney who I hope will win. If he doesn't and Obama remains the president it won't be a huge deal- I am definitely not one of those kooky people who thing the skies will reign down with hell fire if the democrats win. Life goes on and there will be another election in four more years and yet another round of politicians trying to vie for my vote. Hopefully next time it will at least be a little more interesting though.

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