Saturday, September 22, 2012

Show Your Flair!

I remember as a kid I used to love collecting promotional items when I went places. You know what I'm talking about, right? When you would go to a car show or a county fair there would be booths set up with local businesses and they would have all sorts of cool things like pens, bags, rulers, notebooks, etc. with their business name on them. Even as an adult I find myself collecting these things because they are usually pretty useful and they are good reference to have if I ever need a service from one of the businesses- I get a free pen and they get my call when I need a plumber (or new bank, or dog groomer...).

Something I always thought was pretty cool was buttons- maybe it's the whole flair thing from the movie Office Space, but buttons with stuff on them are fun to collect. Advertising on buttons for businesses and political reasons makes perfect sense- people like to collect buttons and when they show off their "flair" they spread the word about your business or cause to whomever they come across.

What if you don't own a business or aren't running for office? Well, why not make a button commemorating a special event? Instead of handing out cigars when your new baby is born how about making a button for a special keepsake. Or, if you are have a yearly cookout why not hand out cool buttons to your guests so they will remember the great day they had and then will look forward to they next cookout (and button). There is something special about being added to someones collection; years down the road when they look at the button you gave them a smile will surely cross their face with the memories it brings back.

The next time you have an event in your life, whether it be business, political or personal, make sure to head to to see their complete array of customizable signs, buttons, pens, magnets and tons of other items. The sky is definitely the limit when it comes to creative ways you can commemorate the events in your life!

Disclaimer: This is a paid post. All opinions are 100% mine.

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