Saturday, September 1, 2012

No More Vanilla...

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I have come to a realization lately that being a stay at home mom is boring. Not boring in the sense that there is nothing to do because believe me, my days are way more busy being home than they ever were at my pre-child real job. When I say boring I mean that my days are not interesting. I love my kids and they are very entertaining little humans but intellectually they, at the ages of five, three and nine months are just not up to the level of having conversations past bodily functions and what is for lunch.

For the past five years I have hung up my real person cape and put on the mommy cape- everything I do is in some way related to mommy stuff, which is understandable because being a mom is my full time job, but anyone who has a job does not solely measure themselves on their work.

I have so many other interests that do not include my children- history, reading, current events, politics, cooking... But yet I sit here at this blog and write about things my kids do and how they drive me crazy, when those things are not tid bits that I feel I really should be sharing with the world and on top of that they aren't even that interesting. They are vanilla thoughts- vanilla is a flavor that is liked by a wide variety of people but doesn't convey any real feelings or thought. My mind is not vanilla- I have many opinions on everything around me and I feel like I have been keeping them to myself in fear that I would turn people off.

Well, writing about mommy stuff is boring me to tears so now I am going to keep it real and write about things that I actually find interesting. Maybe people will enjoy this change or maybe my readers will go running to the hills but at least I know that Just Call Me Cheap will be what I want to be.

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