Sunday, August 12, 2012

Toot, Toot- Here Comes the Bus!

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My son starts kindergarten in fifteen days. The total and complete chaos of summer is going to come to an end and in it's wake will come an actual schedule.

I cannot believe that I looked forward to summer vacation- for some reason I thought that it would be full of fun and relaxation. Instead I got children who's sole mission it was to drive me to the brink of insanity. Don't get me wrong, we had fun and I did enjoy spending so much time with the little monsters but when that big yellow school bus pulls up and bee-bops Tyler to school I will breath a small sigh of relief knowing that for the few hours he is away there will be no sibling death matches in this house.

Here is what I keep telling myself so that I will make it through the next fifteen days...

School is good. School means that my lazy days are over and I will have to whip my butt into a schedule. Schedules are good. Schedules mean order and order means kids fight less.

Hopefully everything pans out and the school year will go better than the summer did. If not I'll most likely end up in the looney bin.

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  1. I love my kids in school....It really helps the fighting here. They both get out, get their time away, get outside time, etc. So basically I dont have to do as much LOL! Plus schedules and what not. The first half of summer is good then by the second half Im ready to pull my hair out! This year I will have Trev gone all day again and Aubrey half the day it will be nice!