Saturday, June 30, 2012

Two Weeks to Freedom...

Packing tape
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Our move is official. We found a cute little three bedroom townhouse in a nice town with great schools in Rhode Island, plus it is near the beach and it has a huge patio with a big storage shed. We wanted to move on August 1st but they couldn't hold the townhouse for that long so our move in date is July 15th. Yep, two weeks away. Insert panic face here.

We are moving from a decent sized house to an 1100 square foot townhouse so we have gotten rid of and sold a lot of stuff. We sold our son's dirtbike (we should have done this sooner because he is scared of it and hasn't ridden in a looong time), Kota the dinosuar (he is too big to bring and the kids don't play with him anymore), our chest freezer (I am the most upset about this- no more huge stock ups on meat) and are going to sell Jilly Billy's outgrown Britax infant car seat. We gave away a chair and our pub table because they just won't fit. We also donated tons of stuff that we don't use anymore- lots of toys and random crap that I forgot we even had and a rocker that squeaks no matter what you do to it (good riddance because I hate it). Another good thing is that all of the furniture that my in-laws guilted us into keeping is going to be left behind because we don't want it and can't fit it.

I have already packed up the kids' rooms, our bedroom, my stockpile in the batroom (my husband will poop himself if he sees how many feminine care products I have), half of the kids' toys, the nice dishes/crystal from the hutch and all of our photo frames. I still have a ton more to go though but a lot of it are things that we will still be using like our clothes, the dishes, cookware, etc. I am also working on going through all of our files and purging outdated stuff which so far is about 75% of it.

We signed up for our cable/internet/phone bundle (it is ridiculous how much they charge for this stuff and we supposedly got a great deal), we opened an account with the utilities company and my husband rented the moving truck (I'll be surprised if he doesn't kill someone while driving it- it's a 24 foot one and he's getting a trailer to hook onto the back).

Things that I need to do on the homemaking front are register Tyler for his new school (they bus all kids in our new town unlike here where we were walkers), find Alli a pre-school (this is not super imperitive- she can start in the winter if need be), find a new pediatrician (Jilly has an appointment at our current doctor in August which I am still going to take her to but her 12 month check-up will be at a new one), find a new dentist, find a doctor for my husband and I, find a new vetrinarian (my lovely dog cost us a $200 pet deposit and will add $45 a month to our rent), switch over our rental insurance, switch our auto insurance and find out how much it will cost to change our licenses and register our cars in Rhode Island. Yikes! I also want to figure out what stores are in the area, where the library is, where the parks are and where the nearest hospital is.

I am truely excited about moving even though it is a lot of work. It will be so nice to be away from the drama and not have someone butting into our lives. Though it is sad leaving the house we though was our home behind, we can actually build a better life where we are going. Plus, it is close enought that we can still visit our families easily but far enough away that no one will just stop by and bug us.


  1. Good Luck with the move. I love Rhode Island, it is truly a gorgeous state.Our family will also be moving the 15th or sooner into a new place but I wont even be finding out until tomm or Mon, if it will actually be ready lol I maybe have 3 boxes packed and we too like you have to get rid of excess,,but I look forward to a smaller place, less to clean!!Keep us posted :)

  2. Good luck with your move! It is so stressful doing something like this in two weeks especially when you realize how much junk you actually have been collecting over the years. Like you, I am looking forward to having less to clean though it feels like no matter what size place I live in I just don;t have time to clean it- darn kids keep getting in the way!

    1. I hear ya there lol I was so excited to start getting rid of my sons "baby" furniture & toys, then we had found out I was pregnant with my daughter lol so I had to keep it, but now shes turning 1 on Sat. Soon it will be goodbye "baby" furniture.I also want to get rid of both my couches...1 is disgusting..just gotta make sure the hubby isn't around,,,hes not very happy when he comes home to less furniture then when he left for work hahaha :)