Friday, June 15, 2012

I About Fell Off My Chair...

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Tonight for dinner we had steak tips, french fries, broccoli and eggplant croquettes. Well, the eggplant croquettes were for me because my family is not what I would call adventurous eaters (yes, eggplant is considered a weird thing in this household).

I did the obligatory offering of the croquettes to every one and to my surprise my five year old son said he would try it. That was amazing in itself but then he actually liked it and asked for more! Say what? My child who for the past few years has been adverse to trying vegetables actually just ate eggplant and didn't spit it out with a look of terror on his face. I was so proud of him but then something that made me almost fall off of my chair happened- my husband asked if he could try some too. Seeing picky Tyler chowing down made him think that it may actually be good.

My husband only eats a few veggies- beets, corn, potatoes and sometimes peas if they're mixed in a stir-fry. When I eat my veggies he looks at me like I am eating a pile of rancid dog poo, so him saying he wanted to try the eggplant croquettes was crazy.

Even crazier, my picky husband actually liked it and said I should make them for dinner again. The same thing happened a few weeks ago when I made pumpkin muffins- he thought they were gross but then randomly decided to try one and he now loves them.

So Yo Gabba Gabba was right when they say "try it, you'll like it". That is all I ask- just try the gosh darn food I make and you may actually not want to throw up after eating it. Now I feel inspired to make other weird veggie dishes to get the picky men in my life to eat their veggies.

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