Monday, June 11, 2012


tassels are cool.

Well, today my oldest child graduated from pre-school.

How does the time pass s quickly? It makes my eyes well up with tears when I think about my little baby growing up. The baby that I took home from the hospital and wondered why in the world was I allowed to take home this baby who I had no idea how to take care of is now going to be off to big kid school in the fall.
look, they're not trying to inflict pain on each other...
He has turned from a baby to a toddler to a pre-schooler to a kid. He has his own little personality and his own little friends. This is the starting point of him becoming his own person and him being independent. As a mom I want to hold onto him as long as possible but know that I need to let him go at the same time.
my husband failed to use the zoom feature on the camera so here I am with Ty-Guy in the picture...

My baby is a big boy now but he will always be my little baby who I love to snuggle with and who makes me laugh with his silly ways. He always tells me that he'll live with me forever, and while I hope he moves his butt out by the age of twenty-two it is nice to hear that at his old age of five he is still a momma's boy.

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