Tuesday, May 8, 2012

CVS- Back After a Six Month Hiatus

Children's Allegra $9.99 - $5 MC
Neosporin to Go $7.49 - $5 MC (from a complaint to the company)
Good N' Natural Bar .99 - Free MC

Total: $7.95 on a gift card I found in my coupon box
Received $7.99 in ECB ($4.99 for Allegra and $3 for Neosporin)

Where did this gift card come from? I don't remember and I especially don't remember how much, if anything, I paid for it. I have been such a disorganized mess so it's even a wonder that I found this gift card and didn't throw it away by accident. So lets just say I got it for free- yeah for free money!

I plan on heading back to get some Goodnight diapers for my son; he is a heavy sleeper and still wets the bed so any deal I can find on big kid diapers is welcomed.

I haven't played the drugstore game in over six months so it feels good to be getting back into the swing of things. My budget will surely be thanking me.

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