Saturday, April 28, 2012

Stop and Shop- Back Again

This trip is from Friday- it was one of those last minute OMG, we need produce trips.

2 lb Strawberries $3.99
Baby Watermelon $2.99
Bananas .97
Pears $3.89
Natures Promise Beef Patties $8.68 - $2 Meat Markdown and $2 Catalina
Pam Cooking Spray $3.79
Snyder Pretzel Rods $2.50
Oscar Meyer Uncured Bacon $4.99 - .55 MC (doubled)
Fiber One Whole Wheat Bread $2.50
Stop and Shop Hamburger Buns $1.25
Yoplait Kid's Yogurt $2.09 - .50 MC (received from a complaint to the company)
Florida's Natural Orange Juice $3.00
Less $7 in Catalina's from previous trip
Less .15 in reusable bag credits

Total: $27.39
Will send away for a rebate for Pam for $3.79
Saved (including rebate amount) 53%

I am really happy that big companies are starting to realize that consumers want more natural products to feed their families. I have been trying to steer clear of added nitrated in food which at one time meant that whole foods was my only option for such things but Oscar Meyer has really stepped up and are now offering uncured meat products. We are a big fan of their uncured Angus beef hot dogs, me because they don't have added nitrates and my husband and kids because they taste really good, and now I am excited to try their uncured bacon. If only more companies would open their eyes and start making products that don't have tons of added junk.

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